Pension, Auto Enrolment and you

If you’re one of the many small businesses in the UK, you won’t need an introduction to this concept. The auto enrolment scheme means that all small businesses in the UK now need to offer a workplace pension scheme for their qualifying employees.

It is crucial that the right pension auto enrolment scheme is chosen, depending on such factors as the scheme’s investment approach, whether the scheme is in clear and understandable language, and how easy the scheme is to administer.

We provide comprehensive pension and investment advice; this enables you, as a small business to choose the scheme that is just right for your auto enrolment pensions. Our experts can guide you through every step on the way. We will advise you on the contributions you need to make and the best scheme available. Once we have explained everything to you and you are happy to proceed we help set up your automatic enrolment plan.

An auto enrolment pension plan for employers is easy to put in place once you know how to go about it. With us by your side, you will have access to a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to setting up your plan.

We will also provide ongoing advice and compliance assistance for employers. You will always need to monitor the pension scheme. Our calculator services include computing the relevant contributions and accounting for new scheme joiners/leavers. As a financial adviser, we provide information on the ins and outs of pension schemes and investment advice.

Given our team’s expertise (all of our advisers are nationwide pension specialists who are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority), there is no doubt about our ability to provide the most effective pension plan for employers.