How To Find The Right Investment Adviser In UK

Picture this: you’ve come into (or saved up) some money recently and you think investing it would be a great idea. Maybe you’re considering real estate or a trust fund for the kids, or maybe even a brave attempt at playing the stock market.

If you have, kudos to you. The main factor you need to consider now is whether or not you want to use an investment adviser. If you’re thinking “Didn’t I read somewhere that you could do this whole bit on your own?” you’re right. But that would be a risky proposition.

Why You Need Investment Advice

An investment advisor, whether a financial advisor or a stockbroker, is someone who has the right knowledge, experience, and skill set to make sound investments. Having one on hand would help you make the right choice, financially speaking.

When you’re investing on your own, it’s easy to get carried away by great-sounding ventures; however, having an investment adviser would ensure that your funds are spent with great care and judgement.

Your Choices Among Advisers In The UK

It doesn’t matter if you’re hiring an old established stockbroker firm, or if you’re hiring an independent investment advisor. Just ensure that your advisor (or) broker has a great track record, uses discretionary accounts, and can conduct most transactions without needing your trade-by-trade approval.

Check for things like educational background, and whether they’re legally bound to act in your best interest. Another great idea when hiring an independent advisor would be to check whether you can pay them by the hour.

Though the traditional rates for an investment advisor used to be around 1% of the assets they managed, the changes brought to you by the internet mean that you can look around and find a competent service for a much lower fee.