Pension Drawdown is a way through which you can earn from a UK-registered pension scheme. It is available for both workplace pensions and personal pensions.

What is Pension Drawdown?

When you retire, the pension pot you’ve put away doesn’t automatically become a source of income. You can choose to either purchase an annuity against your investment, or keep it invested and withdraw funds as and when you need them.

The latter of those two methods is called a pension drawdown.

How it Works

You leave your pension pot invested in shares and bonds, and cash in some of these when you need funds in hand. This is the more rewarding alternative, but there are risks involved.

Why You Need Us

Your income can really rise when the stock market favours your investments, but this unpredictability also means that losses are possible. This is where financial experts come in. At PensionExpert4U, you get great guidance on financial transactions from our team of nationwide pension specialists who are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

As you might use up to 40 years of savings for your pension pot, you shouldn’t take this lightly. It’s advisable to entrust financial decisions of experts with a good deal of experience and expertise.

Auto Enrolment

If you’re one of the many small businesses in the UK, you won’t need an introduction to this concept.

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Financial Advice

When dealing with the financial aspects of your pension, it’s good to hire a professional financial adviser.

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Pension Annuity

Once you’ve entered retirement, your pension doesn’t conveniently drop into your lap.

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Share Advice

An IFA is a financial expert who can give you great pieces of advice on investments…

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